Recognized as an essential reference in the history of American photography and filmmaking, Larry Clark has been able to capture the intensity and harshness of a drifting youth throughout his body of work. Accompanied by Jonathan Velasquez, a versatile artist and a pillar of the director, he continues his exploration of transgressive film practices. With classics such as Kids, Bully, and Another Day in Paradise, PREMIER CRI aligns with the American director's ability to subvert national narratives and shed light on the contradictions of an era.

PREMIER CRI has partnered with Damn.Co to produce Larry Clark's short film, co-directed with Jonathan Velasquez, A Day in a Life, which has been selected in several international festivals (FID Marseille, FICUNAM Mexico, Gijon Film Festival...). We are currently developing their next co-directorial project, a feature film that will be Larry Clark's last and Jonathan Velasquez's first, passing on the baton from Larry to Jonathan.

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